You don’t know me cover by Nawa Mukerji

I love this song of Eddie Arnold, so I spontaneously memorized the text and suddenly decided to record it myself. I wasn’t sure if I can sing it all because I was still having trouble remembering the text. So I took out my camera and tripod, I didn’t find the Tripod mount! And my Zoom Recorder was running out of batteries and I didn’t have any at the moment. So I brought a desk for the camera and the sound is recorded by my iPhone right in front of me (invisible in the video).

I thought I keep the camera rolling, if I got a good take I might use it, but surprisingly, I was very satisfied with the first take! The one you just heard was the first take! So, the magic happened in the first take, why would bother other takes?

Then on my editing software I realized I’m saying “I ever been” which was supposed to be “I’ve ever been”. Yet I was still satisfied with the original first take. And here you are. Enjoy