100 of my favorite films Vol. 1

NoMovie TitleYearDirector
1Our Hospitality1923 John G. Blystone, Buster Keaton
2Safety Last1923 Fred C. Newmeyer, Sam Taylor
3Sherlock Jr.1924Buster Keaton
4Seven Chances1925Buster Keaton
5Sunrise A Song of Two Humans1927 F.W. Murnau
6The General1927Clyde Bruckman, Buster Keaton
7Steamboat Bill Jr.1928Charles Reisner, Buster Keaton
8It Happened One Night1934Frank Capra
9Mr. Deeds Goes to Town1936Frank Capra
10Gone With The Wind1939Victor Fleming
11The Wizard of Oz1939Victor Fleming
12Citizen Kane1941Orson Welles
13It's a Wonderful Life1946Frank Capra
14Rope1948Alfred Hitchcock
15Singin' in the Rain1952Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly
1612 Angry Men1957Sidney Lumet
17Vertigo1958Alfred Hitchcock
18Ben-Hur1959William Wyler
19Some like it hot1959Billy Wilder
20The Good, the Bad and the Ugly1966Sergio Leone
212001: A Space Odyssey1968Stanley Kubrick
22A Clockwork Orange1971Stanley Kubrick
23Chinatown1974Roman Polanski
24One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest1975Miloš Forman
25Network1976Sidney Lumet
26Cinema Paradiso1988Giuseppe Tornatore
27The Big Lebowski1998Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
28Gangs of New York2002Martin Scorsese
29The Pianist2002Roman Polanski
30Interstellar2014Christopher Nolan
31The Kid1921Charles Chaplin
32Three Ages1923 Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton
33The Navigator1924Donald Crisp, Buster Keaton
34Go West1925Buster Keaton
35The Gold Rush1925Charles Chaplin
36Battling Butler1926Buster Keaton
37College 1927James W. Horne, Buster Keaton
38The Cameraman1928Edward Sedgwick, Buster Keaton
39The Circus1928Charles Chaplin
40Spite Marriage1929 Edward Sedgwick, Buster Keaton
41City Lights1931Charles Chaplin
42Lady for a Day1933Frank Capra
43Sabotage1936Alfred Hitchcock
44Modern Times1936Charles Chaplin
45Mr. Smith Goes to Washington1939Frank Capra
46The Aviator2004Martin Scorsese
47The Great Dictator1940Charles Chaplin
48Casablanca1942Michael Curtiz
49The Treasure of the Sierra Madre1948John Huston
50All About Eve1950Joseph L. Mankiewicz
51Sunset Boulevard1950Billy Wilder
52Strangers on a Train1951Alfred Hitchcock
53I Confess1953Alfred Hitchcock
54There's No Business Like Show Business1954Walter Lang
55Dial M for Murder1954Alfred Hitchcock
56Rear Window1954Alfred Hitchcock
57To catch a thief1955Alfred Hitchcock
58The Wrong Man1956Alfred Hitchcock
59The Three Faces of Eve1957Nunnally Johnson
60Touch of Evil1958Orson Welles
61Compulsion1959Richard Fleischer
62North by Northwest1959Alfred Hitchcock
63Psycho1960Alfred Hitchcock
64Lawrence of Arabia1962David Lean
65A Fistful of Dollars1964Sergio Leone
66Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb1964Stanley Kubrick
67Cool Hand Luke1967Stuart Rosenberg
68Once Upon a Time in the West1968Sergio Leone
69Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid1969George Roy Hill
70Duck, You Sucker1971Sergio Leone
71The Godfather1972Francis Ford Coppola
72The Godfather: Part II1974Francis Ford Coppola
73Barry Lyndon1975Stanley Kubrick
74Taxi Driver1976Martin Scorsese
75Apocalypse Now1979Francis Ford Coppola
76Raging Bull1980Martin Scorsese
77The Shining1980Stanley Kubrick
78Once Upon a Time in America1984Sergio Leone
79Full Metal Jacket1987Stanley Kubrick
80Goodfellas1990Martin Scorsese
81The Silence of the Lambs1991Jonathan Demme
82In the Name of the Father1993Jim Sheridan
83Schindler's List1993Steven Spielberg
84Léon: The Professional1994Luc Besson
85Forrest Gump1994Robert Zemeckis
86Pulp Fiction1994Quentin Tarantino
87The Shawshank Redemption1994Frank Darabont
88Braveheart1995Mel Gibson
89Trainspotting1996Danny Boyle
90Life Is Beautiful1997Roberto Benigni
91The Truman Show1998Peter Weir
92American History X1998Tony Kaye
93Saving Private Ryan1998Steven Spielberg
94The Sixth Sense1999M. Night Shyamalan
95The Green Mile1999Frank Darabont
96American Beauty1999Sam Mendes
97The Matrix1999Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski
98Memento2000Christopher Nolan
99Gladiator2000Ridley Scott
100Catch Me If You Can2002Steven Spielberg